Wedding photography and videography capture the exquisite, unique, and deeply personal event in an important and timeless way. Shopping for a photographer and videographer is a hugely important task. You’ll want to make sure your wedding photographer has crisp and colorful images and a flare for style. Video should be 4K, high resolution which brings your big day back to life for years to come.

When Pardis and John reached out to our company for our services, those were definitely the requirements they were looking for, in addition to specific shots via a drone. The Resort at Pelican Hill, Los Angeles, was to be the backdrop for this magnificent day and provided a stunning venue. It all started with a conversation about the details of the wedding, the style they were planning, the order everything would fall into, and their hopes and expectations for their shoot.

Their theme, Persian wedding, happens to be one of our specialties. We knew the plan so we went ahead and made sure to talk to Lighting Team about setup for photography and videography purposes. We also notified the coordinator to keep people out of the background during our shooting sessions. Favorite spots at this venue included the balcony between the seemingly ancient columns, the staircases, and the gazebo near the alley. You’ll definitely want to consider these prime locations if you’re having your wedding at this venue and suggest them to your photographer and videographer. If you’d prefer something outdoors, there are plenty of beautiful spots at this location to choose from such as the First Look shoot on the Pelican Hill parking structure rooftop. It is super clean, well designed, and green.

Lovella Bridal’s Royal design wedding dress could not have been a better choice for this setting amid the Butterfly Floral arrangements which were as elaborate as they were beautiful. The overall effect was a clean yet romantically elegant look with white and soft blush roses creating a timeless feel that won’t soon be forgotten.

Our cinematographers were excited and ready to step up to the particularly challenging request with their film industry backgrounds. Pelican Hill provided a challenge which turned into a spectacular opportunity for them and photos which were beyond expectations and fun to shoot.

This large venue allowed dancers and 100 freed doves to showcase their symbolic display of peace, love, and prosperity in a way so incredible it touched the hearts of all in attendance. If you’re considering adding any of these wonderful additions, they’ll definitely have breathtaking effects to highlight your wedding pictures and videos.

California, and Los Angeles in particular, are beautiful places filled to the brim with incredible venues and places to be married. Choose a wedding photographer and videographer that you feel totally comfortable with, meet or exceed your expectations, and who won’t mind lending a helping hand fixing up all the small details which will leave you with incredibly epic photos to treasure for a lifetime.

Good luck!

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