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We are definitely right in the middle of peak wedding season right now – but then again, when is love ever not in the air? We are excited to share the elegant estate engagement session of Elena and Akash on the blog today for a little glimpse into the love they share, as well as some background on Robinson Gardens as a prospective venue, should these photos look like they suit your style for an upcoming engagement photoshoot location.

Virginia Robinson Gardens was built in 1911, making it older than a century! It was one of the first homes in the Beverly Hills area, and its claim to fame was hosting epic parties that society’s well-to-do and famous citizens were known to attend (think Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, and Elvis Presley). If you are drawn to the history of Los Angeles and the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, this could be the perfect fit for your shoot.

While it may be over a century old, Robinson Gardens is by no means old-timey or outdated. The six acre property is flawlessly kept up, from the mansion, to the pool pavilion, to the various gardens which all over different aesthetics and themes: Australian King Palm Forest, the Rose Garden, the Italian Terrace Garden and more. Elena and Akash utilized all these different spots throughout the property in their shoot, making it look like they traveled the world around but all within the space of one venue.

Noting that the property is $150 per hour to shoot on, depending on your budget it can be fun to use the entire property, or to stick to just a couple of specific areas in order to meet your needs. There are shaded, intimate garden paths that highlight nature only, as well as more modern scenes such as the pool area that allow the architecture to pop into the background for added visual interest.

For more information on Robinson Gardens, or for any of the other gorgeous venues we can recommend for your engagement session, you can learn more about our services here.

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