Bridal Party Wedding Photography Ideas

One of the most fun parts leading up to the wedding is the morning of, when the bride and her entire network of female supporters – bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law, sisters – gather with her in the bridal suite to help her get ready for the most important day of her life! While at times a bride can be nervous, or tensions can be running high, we always find that by paying a little bit if prior attention to a few different details, there are some things that all can do to not only release this tension and have fun, but capture some really adorable content in the process.

Hair and makeup of course is the first priority on that morning, as nothing can delay a wedding and cause stress quite like the glam time taking longer than anticipated. As this occurs, your photographer will not only want to capture the details of hair or hair extensions and makeup in action, but will also want to capture other details as well. In order to prepare for this, make sure that prior to the morning of, you have set aside all of the key items such as invitations, bouquets, shoes, jewelry, the dress, the bridesmaid dresses, the veils and more. A great photographer will be able to create true artistry with just a few of these simple props, ensuring that you remember this sentimental time with your beloved ladies for years to come.
Once hair and makeup has been completed and time allows, there are additional bridal party wedding photography ideas that can really create some fun. Recently, we’ve had a lot of enjoyment from our clients with popping champagne. Many bridal parties choose to wear matching robes. Sites like Plum Pretty Sugar or even Etsy have great options that look very fun and cohesive in the photos. We encourage the bridesmaids and bride to really get playful – they can toss flower petals around, jump on the bed, and really have a good time with it to ease the wedding day jitters.

We also love imagery of the bride interacting with her wedding gown prior to getting dressed in it. There have been some adorable times where flower girls try on the bride’s dress or gaze up at it, as if dreaming of their own future wedding day. When you discuss your shot list with us, be sure to advise if any of these fun bridal party wedding photography ideas sound good to you, so we can help make your dreams come true.

A couple of other tips to note in terms of this: we always recommend that when scouting venues and booking a space, keep in mind that a spacious room with plenty of natural light helps create the cleanest, most crisp photos and videos. As much as possible this day should be about soaking up the moments and really enjoying it, so live into each and every moment with that in mind.



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