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We have so many wonderful reasons at Shumanev Productions to be passionate about what we do. One highlight is that in our wedding photography and videography business, we cross paths with elite, talented partners who service different aspects of the event business, having the privilege of working alongside them in making our mutual clients’ dreams come true.

We wanted to highlight a standout in this regard: that we have been fortunate enough in our networking environment to witness the dedication and expertise of Paper & Diamond, known for curating luxury travel and destination events, including some of the most out-of-this-world (literally, and figuratively) honeymoons we have ever seen.

We understand that choosing a wedding photographer is one of the first steps that takes place in the wedding planning process. We also understand that so often, after getting caught up in the stress and strain of planning the details hereafter (venue, catering, guest list), that there is so much emphasis on the wedding itself that sometimes the honeymoon can fall by the wayside, or even feel almost like a chore to research and execute upon.

This is where the specialists at Paper & Diamond comes in. Their craft lies within a deep understanding and awareness of luxurious global hidden gems. Debbi and her team take great pride in developing individual relationships with each of their clients to understand priorities and preferences in order to provide the highest level of service. So, not only do you get a superior experience that relies on insider intel that you would not necessarily ordinarily be privy to, but you are able to offload the time and energy required to planning it yourself to a professional, freeing up focus for the wedding planning itself – not to mention, some time to simply enjoy the season of being engaged to the love of your life.

To see some examples of the experiences Paper & Diamond have delivered, we recommend you check out the Journal portion of the P&D website. The rest of the website itself is also a wealth of information in terms of the world-class partners they have access to, the different focuses they are able to infuse into your particular event, whether it is culinary related, prioritizing wellness, emphasizing sensorial engagement, or even all of the above. This website also contains a contact page where you can get in touch if you so desire. Additionally, we are happy to facilitate a personal introduction to the Paper & Diamond team should this sound of interest to you.
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