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At Shumanev Productions, we are very relationship oriented. We love having close, personal relationships with our clientele, and regard them something closer to family rather than clients. This is because often the content we are creating and capturing with them revolves around life’s most intimate and special moments: proposals and engagements, wedding days and other celebrations. We find that the best synergy between subject (you) and artist (us) comes when we are all at a deeper personal level of knowing and understanding each other. We want you to be comfortable expressing your true identities as soulmates while we are in the background documenting those moments in time.

Thus, we often find that after an initial proposal or wedding shoot, many of our customers come back to us to help provide photographic record of their magical milestones that occur after the wedding, as is the case with the lovely Melissa & Simon. These two lovebirds were married at a gorgeous ceremony that we shot in 2015. Now, as they focus on expanding their little family, baby number two is one the way.

We traveled to the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden with Melissa and Simon to detail this wonderful moment in time. Motherhood and pregnancy are such a natural and organic part of the circle of life, that it seemed fitting to use the backdrop of the Arboretum, as it is very earthy area in itself. The Arboretum is 127 acres of plant-saturated land, geographically arranged so that plants native to different continents are gathered together to create diverse areas featuring native plants that you may not readily find elsewhere. As you can see from the shoot, between the palm trees and the bamboo stalks, the location offers an exotic array of options. The location requires a permit of $150, but upon touring the property you will soon discover it is well worth it!

One of the deliverables with a family photoshoot is a professionally edited slide show, as seen here. This is a great multi-purpose tool – send it to family and friends out of state whose day would be made by being able to see the imagery, or play it during a baby shower or other ritual or celebration along the child raising journey.

We invite you and your family to become part of our family and employ our photography services for your milestones. For a closer look at these offerings, click here.

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