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As promised in our last post, we are highlighting the best locations in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond in order to take engagement photos. Since we are currently in the “Engagement Season” of peak proposal timing, we hope that this series of posts gives you some inspiration for planning the perfect surprise proposal, or for allowing us to capture your engagement photography following the proposal.

You may be a woman recently engaged, and wondering “what is the first thing to do now that I’m engaged?” Or, you may be a man wondering “what would be a unique proposal idea and location?” Either way, we wanted to showcase our lovely couple Jessica & Tyler as an example of how a gorgeous engagement or proposal photoshoot can turn out when you come along with Dmitry Shumanev Production to one of our favorite locations in the Los Angeles area for taking engagement photos.

Nestled up about 30 miles north of LA sits a gorgeous natural phenomenon known as Vasquez Rocks. You may recognize the location, as it has been a popular destination for movie and television show filming (and we promise to make you feel like a movie star as well as we shoot here). Unique jagged rock interfaces jut out of desert earth, creating gorgeous tones and textures as a backdrop for some truly stunning engagement photography. It simultaneously manages to be modern, outdoorsy and even a bit bohemian, balancing the best of all worlds.

Vasquez Rocks as a location for engagement photos is a striking, picaresque scene for you and your beloved to playfully pose. Adventurous couples will find this engagement photography destination speaks to their wild side, as they climb the rock formations and dance through the trails in between the natural vegetation. As seen in the session with Jessica & Tyler, this location is particularly gorgeous in the golden hour just before sunset, where the lighting is as warm as the couples’ love and emotion for one another, and that comes through in the photo set.

As engagement season continues, we will continue to highlight location ideas for engagement photos, so be sure to check back on our blog throughout the season. In the meantime, if you are looking for further information on date availability and pricing for engagement photography services from Shumanev Production, you can drop us a line on our contact page.

Happy Holidays,
Dmitry & Team

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