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Future is here.
4K Wedding Videography and it’s advantages.

Wedding Cinematography

We consider ourselves fortunate to have one of the greatest jobs in the world—we get to transform love stories into real life fairytale movies.
Our long-standing dedication to the craft has warranted us the honor of being hailed as experts in wedding cinematography. If you are wondering just what it takes to be the best wedding cinematography team on the West Coast, allow us to inform you.

Top Quality Picture

We shoot 4K, and we shoot it well. Our commitment to our clients is the rationale for using quality that matches the highest standards of the Hollywood Film Industry to capture your most unforgettable moments. For those unfamiliar with filming in 4k, the advantages include the deepest colors and highest resolution, allowing you to look like a Hollywood movie star, and producing a wedding video that feels like a timeless feature film. We preserve your wedding day for you using all the up-to-date technologies, meaning that when you look back on it after decades of marriage, the movie we created for you would still have an amazing theatrical look.

Before & After from Dmitry Shumanev Production on Vimeo.

High-End Equipment

As previously noted, all of our cinematographers use the same cinema cameras and equipment used in the Hollywood Film Industry. Why is that so important? In addition to the top quality picture we outline above, this ensures that with multiple cinematographers capturing your special day, all of the footage will match perfectly well. This saves time in post-production, enabling you to relive your special day through your wedding film very quickly after the wedding. Another advantage of these cameras is the wide dynamic range they offer. Throughout the wedding day, a variety of different locations around the venue and a variety of different lighting sources are encountered. Yet no matter whether we are shooting a sunlit lawn, a dimly lit church, or a ballroom revolving with flashing lights of different colors and a disco ball, the picture would look perfect – exactly what is needed for how perfect you and your day will be.

Team of Filming Industry Professionals

Equipment is nothing without people who know how to handle it. All our team members work in the film industry. Our cinematographers have impressive credentials that include Hollywood movies and film festival prizes. We are also an international, multicultural team of professionals who have worked all over the world: Europe, Asia, both Americas, and Africa. We are familiar with many, if not the most, wedding traditions around the globe, and know how to make a perfect film full of unique shots for any of them.


A craft is not perfected without painstaking amounts of time poured into it. We have spent years building the best wedding cinematography team, and we are now a seamless operation. Each member knows their place, without getting in anyone else’s shots. We offer an unforgettable experience, surrounding you with true professionals with a great attitude. We are not invasive as we shoot photojournalistic style, aiming to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We know how to cooperate with the entire wedding audience to make the best shots for you to remember, even sometimes asking for poses, dances or other clean shots to make your video classy, fun, and diverse.

All-Inclusive Service

There is a rule we follow from the very beginning: if you want to do something great, do it yourself. That’s why we never outsource the services we provide. From planning through to post-production delivery, rest assured that our same team of professionals work on every project from beginning to end.

As part of the final delivery, not only do you receive the professionally edited feature film, but we provide all the footage as well. While you may not want to pore over tens of hours of raw footage, if you happen to, you will find that we have whittled it down to highlight the most sentimental and beautiful moments that occurred.

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