Tips for choosing a wedding videographer

Wedding video is a very popular service nowadays and there are many videographers available online who would be happy to shoot your wedding ceremony. However, it’s not easy to find the right person who can understand what exactly you need. Many people work in the field of wedding cinematography and the trickiest thing is to find the one who suits you best.

Therefore, we have decided to prepare useful tips and help you find the best wedding videographer in Los Angeles for the most important day in your life.


If you know about wedding cinematography popular 20 years ago, then you definitely know that its quality was never good enough. Bulky cameras and VHS cassettes could not provide such a nice and colorful picture that we see in wedding video today that is shot by skillful video editors who use top notch cameras.

Some say that equipment is not that important in wedding cinematography since everything depends on skills and experience of a videographer; however, we would like to note that both aspects are very important in making a quality wedding video. We highly recommend dealing with an experienced professional in wedding cinematography who has a rich experience in using specialized software and modern equipment. If you’d like to get a wedding videothat you’ll like, then don’t try to save on a videographer dealing with advanced technologies.

Expand horizons

Sometimes we may think that the idea we have for a wedding video is perfect and inimitable. However, it’s important to check some other video available online. You can find a lot of wedding video and movies on YouTube, Vimeo and other websites. By analyzing dozens of other people’s work you can decide that your concept of the wedding video could be improved or edited. As a result, you can create something new in wedding cinematography! Stay open-minded, think outside of the box and don’t be afraid of realizing your own ideas!

By the way, checking wedding cinematography online can also help you find a better professional for your ceremony – in the comments section below the wedding video that seemed appealing to you, there is usually e-mail and a link to the website of that videographer.

Personal recommendations

Without a doubt, wedding video is something you’d like to remember for the whole life. It should be shot and produced in a professional manner and be a piece of art, and not another piece of ordinary wedding cinematography! Ideally you’d like to get a masterpiece you will be proud of, wouldn’t you? Everyone would.

So it makes sense to ask your relatives and friends about a good wedding videographer in Los Angeles and California. Your nearest and dearest can ask someone else and get recommendations. Negative ones are important, too, since they help filter off some “masters” of wedding cinematography whose customers were disappointed.

Your host (if you have any) could also recommend someone – he or she should definitely know lots of people providing wedding video services. Don’t disregard personal recommendations – they can save much time and let you make useful friends in the world of wedding cinematography.

Check testimonials

That’s quite obvious that before hiring someone it makes sense to check what actual customers think of that person, right? So you may want to go to or simply google for a wedding videographer Los Angeles and get a lot of results. Many of them are websites where people share their experience in dealing with wedding cinematography professionals. Quite often it may happen that a videographer you wanted to hire has many bad reviews.

Well, you’d rather change your mind, wouldn’t you? If people write that they didn’t like something about the service from a particular person, then it’s time to look for a different wedding video expert? Finally, wedding cinematography is not an easy thing, so it may take you some time to find the right guy.

However, never make quick decisions. If you met a person and liked him or her, those online reviews still mean something. Remember that a good specialist always has competitors – sometimes such competitors can pay for fake reviews, both good and bad ones! Yes, this may be your case and, unfortunately, you can do nothing about it.

If you have some doubts, don’t hesitate to discuss them with the person you are going to order your wedding video from. It would be the best solution since you will get the answers and related information straight from the source. Anyway, try to be a critical thinker and don’t take Internet users’ opinion as 100% truth.

Traditions and culture

America has always been a melting pot. Its residents are of many different nationalities and ethnic groups. Some of them have interesting traditions and unique culture which may require something specific from a wedding video. Therefore, we suggest that you pay attention to the experience of a wedding videographer in Los Angeles you consider to hire for your ceremony.

This person should have good knowledge of your culture and reading a Wikipedia page is not a solution. It’s better to pay more for a wedding video and get a high-quality product that will show your cultural environment than to buy a cheap video that you will not be proud to share with your relatives and friends. Actually, the technical part is not that important in wedding cinematography when it comes to cultural patterns and characteristics.

Actually, you don’t have to look for a wedding videographer from Los Angeles who belongs to the same ethnic group – it’s enough to find a professional who has already shot wedding video for other couples of your nationality.


Wedding cinematography is incredibly popular today. An interesting and unusual wedding video is something that only few couples can boast of. People often copy each other since it’s pretty challenging to create something absolutely unique.

Only a skilled master of wedding cinematography who perfectly understands you, shares your vision and knows your culture can create a top notch wedding video. We’ve mentioned some useful tips above – they could help you find the right professional and understand what a high-quality wedding cinematography is.

Please keep in mind that even the best wedding videographer from Los Angeles will be unable to make the wedding video of your dream if you don’t take part and don’t get your idea across to him or her. You need to have a clear-cut vision of what it should look like. That’s the only way to use the possibilities of modern wedding cinematography to the full.

People who work in the entertainment industry often say that it’s better not to hire anyone for making a wedding video than trying to save on it. So if you prefer dealing with a skilled wedding cinematography professional – be ready to pay for it.


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