Engagement Photoshoots

Props are a great way to make  photos spectacular, interesting, and unique. This moment is one of the defining moments for a couple and engagement photos are a fantastic way to share your happiness together with others. Engagement photos are one of the most enjoyable shoots a wedding photographer can do since every couple is unique. California has plenty to offer in the way of scenic backdrops with its warm and sunny beaches, stark desert landscapes, majestic forests, picturesque fields, and mountaintops sprinkled with snow. We’ve gone on a photographic adventure with our engagement couples to over 30 locations so far and the list just keeps on growing. With Los Angeles’ beauty and California’s never ending selection of locales, this amazing state is a photographer’s dream and allows us to choose a backdrop which reflects not only our clients and their unique personalities, but our vision for their stories as well.

When planning your engagement photoshoot, one important thing to consider is that it should reflect who you are as a unit. Choosing a place which has been memorable or influential in your story such as your first meeting place, that memorable first date restaurant or bar, a favored spot to stroll along the beach, a mutually shared love of sport, or the trip that changed it all and made you realize you’d found The One is going to make your photos as special and memorable as you are. Choosing this idyllic scene will help set the vibe for the session and will allow the couple to focus only on each other’s company, their love for each other, and interact in sensual and playful ways that are relaxed and natural. Photos are shot of the interaction in motion and truly capture a memorable scene that can be cherished for a lifetime.

When considering your engagement photoshoot, it is also important to think about any specific poses you’d like to use. We’ve all seen those tacky, awkward photos, cringed, and vowed we’d never be caught in the same position. A little advanced planning and research can go a long way to avoiding those cringe worthy photos and browsing photographs for reference can help you decide which poses suit you best. Whether you opt for traditional, silly, edgy, or high fashion, you don’t need to be a professional model. This is your day to shine!

Don’t forget to consider props! Props are a great way to make a mediocre photo spectacular, interesting, and unique. Plan to create some atmosphere and character in your engagement photos with retro items, balloons, sparklers, vintage cars, horses, boats, or anything else you love as a couple.

Now that we’ve covered the basic scene setting ideas, it’s time to talk about what you’ll wear. It is recommended that you have one outfit and accompanying accessories per shoot location. Engagement shoots are usually done at two spots you’ve chosen, unless otherwise requested and arranged, so you’ll need one for each. Choose clothing and accessories with the location in mind and try everything on to be sure you’re not missing any of those little details which can stand out and make a picture fabulous.

Worried you’ll be camera shy? We totally understand that it’s not always easy to be natural in front of the lens and are here to provide all the warm and friendly guidance you’ll need to capture this important moment. Our professional and courteous service means that even rainy days are never a disappointment…toss aside your fear of getting wet and take on the challenge!

Thinking of using a place that’s a little off the beaten track? No problem! We don’t mind putting in that extra effort for those perfect and timeless photos that will warm your heart for years to come. Memories are priceless and your engagement adventure photoshoot marks the beginning of your new life, the next step in your journey together, and we want to make sure it sets off on the right foot with a fun and memorable experience.


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