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It was this couple that truly took me aback with the deep, immense love they felt for each other; this love could be felt from their faces at first glance. Meagan and Chris are definitely one of the most wonderful couples I’ve ever had the chance of meeting!

Preparing this celebration began beforehand, so that all possible problems could be sorted out. One part of the preparations was finding a creative wedding photographer who both the fiancée and the groom would trust; after all, photography is one of the integral parts of a wedding. It was our agency that won their confidence, and gained their trust.

The wedding took place at an amazing location—The Gallery in Houston. This is beautiful venue features architecture derived from both classical and typical American styles. To reinforce this feeling of classicism, the bride chose bridesmaids’ dresses that in the same style; with their vibrant blush color, these dresses matched the architecture perfectly.

Different activities and breathtaking decorations also contributed to making this wedding unforgettable. Part of the decorations consisted of sweet balloons, which brought happiness and joy to the guests. They were all smiling; everyone was happy, and there was absolutely no place for sorrow. Of course, Meagan and Chris’s smiles were the happiest, since this was the most important day of their lives—the day which represented a door into a new life. This new life would harmonize their two life paths, unifying them as one, and show them a whole new world. They had achieved the kind of life that everyone wants to achieve—the opportunity to love and adore someone, and to be loved and adored the same way in return. Well, today, Meagan and Chris have that gift. May their love never end!

As a wedding photographer who regularly attends a lot of weddings, I was truly taken aback by the ambiance of this weeding. I felt like I was surrounded by my old friends, and the city welcomed me like I was going home. I will never forget that day.

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