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This was one of the greatest, most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen in my career as a photographer. Like any wonderful celebration, it took a whole year to prepare for this wedding! That sounds incredible, but it’s true.

Noura—like any other bride-to-be—was extremely anxious about the upcoming celebration. So, she had chosen our studio to take the pictures. Those factors that influenced her choice were the creativity and the high quality of our work. However, aside from that, there was one key criterion she wanted to fulfill: she wanted her photographers to display the inner world of Matthew—Matthew, who she would trust enough to spend the rest of her life with. The one who would make her so calm that she wouldn’t have to worry about a single wedding photo.

With the help of her mom and sister, Noura managed to achieve all the grandeur they wanted on the wedding day. The women also helped her make decisions relating to the wedding’s style. All in all, their contributions played an important role in making the wedding day unforgettable. For this special day, the best Wedding Venue was chosen: Malibu Rock Oaks. This private venue is located on the highest peak in Malibu, and it offers both breathtaking, picturesque sights and unbelievably clean air.

During the wedding, the atmosphere of happiness and celebration clung to all of us. This mood was emphasized in particular by the Persian and Oriental style choices. Later, the mood was inflamed with excitement, thanks to the work of the sabre-dancers. However, none of this eclipsed the light of the love between Noura and Matthew. Happiness and light was simply emanating from them! It pervaded the air, to the amazement of everyone in attendance; we were all illuminated by the brightness of the couple and their wedding.

Our happiness continued to glow as we watched the couple depart through the sparkler exit, leaving so that they could walk into the Rolls Royce—and begin their life together.

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