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There’s no doubt that a wedding is a special day for everyone, and especially so if it celebrates the long-lasting love and devotion between two people. Wedding ideas embellish and emphasize the lovers’ beautiful feelings. Daniele and Edan are one of those couples who show their pure love for each other without even realizing it.

There were two crucial decisions the course of this wedding: selecting the location, and choosing the wedding photographer. As for the latter choice, our wedding photography agency was chosen. However, where to celebrate the wedding was also a very important decision. In the end, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, which is located in downtown Los Angeles, was chosen. This fascinating hotel was designed with Victorian style 7eas in mind. As a professional wedding photographer, my opinion is that the best hotel in the DTLA area for those who want to celebrate their wedding. It features ample rooms with a lot of fresh air, which encourages guests to loosen p and celebrate.

I especially want to underscore the significance of choosing this location. DTLA is an amazing area, and it brings a lot of wedding ideas to the table, in terms of photography. The interior of the hotel offers a myriad of places that make for good photography. Outside the hotel, there are even more beautiful places to take breathtaking photos. The result of this is that photos taken both inside and outside offer amazing contrast. Moreover, the uniqueness of the DTLA area allows us to take photos in different styles.

The atmosphere of this wedding was simply gorgeous. It was held in accordance with Jewish traditions, and as a result there was endless dancing. Lastly, the floral decorations—which were carried out by my favorite florists, Butterfly Florals—emphasized the beauty of this special environment. All of these ideas contributed greatly into turning this day into a true fairy tale for Daniele and Edan.

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