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People’s creativity overleaps all bounds! Just take a look at all those engagement photography trends that have already become popular in 2016!

Get more props!
Actually, this engagement photography trend appeared and became quite popular more than two years ago – in 2014. Anyway, a lot of photographers still follow it and the reason is simple – people. Customers see pictures of their friends or just random engagement photography samples on the Internet and want to have something similar.

Such an engagement photo shoot includes a good landscape or even a well-designed room and, of course, various decorations. There could be such props like colorful letters, tables, banners, balloons and so on.

The purpose is to make the pictures funny and to create a bright and pleasant ambience. If you and your significant other are both enthusiastic and easy outgoing individuals, then it makes sense to consider this engagement photography idea.

Natural style
Another trend that has recently been gaining more and more popularity is the natural style. There are lots of various engagement photo ideas; they often look quite complicated and require serious preparations while a natural photo shoot needs only a good photographer and, of course, a couple.

The core concept is not only about preserving natural light and colors. Actually the main purpose of this engagement photography style is to showcase the everyday life of the couple. The pictures are taken in the most natural places and conditions for them like, let’s say, during breakfast, in a park where they walk around, in the evening in front of the TV etc.

Show the proposal!
The proposal is an exciting experience for both a woman and a man. It is full of emotions, tension and passion. That is why engagement photography professionals came to the idea that it would be great to take photo shoots – all emotions will be absolutely real!

Actually, it is a fantastic chance to kill two birds with one stone – to make a proposal and to “inscribe” it. Later, both you and your nearest and dearest will be happy to see these photos. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most creative engagement photo ideas for today.

When rainfall is not a problem
Taking pictures under falling rain or snow seems to be quite ordinary and even boring. Yes, it used to be popular some time ago, but now there are much more technical opportunities to make really high-quality images! And bad weather is not a problem for an engagement photo shoot anymore! As a matter of fact, this bad weather is now our ally and best friend because rain can be much more romantic than the most picturesque sunset.

When looking for a photographer for such an engagement photo shoot pay attention to previous works done by him or her. It is a very important fact that even a great interior photographer will be unable to make great pictures of rain or snow. Try to choose a proper specialist even if his price is a bit higher.

Drone attacks
Speaking about the most up-to-date engagement photo ideas we should mention drones.

For some reason, we still think that drones are good only in shooting videos, but the majority of drone models available today also offer high-quality images!

The main advantage is that by having just one device a photographer gets access to many different spots and can add to an engagement photo shoot some very interesting and worthy moments.

There are many skilled “drone teams” on the market already. Just find several teams, compare their portfolio and make the right choice for your engagement photo shoot.

As a result, you will get high-quality images no one has, yet. Drones are a total innovation in this field and if you want to stand out – don’t miss this awesome opportunity.

Selfie photo shoot
It may sound crazy and it actually does for a vast majority of individuals. Anyway, some savvy couples who spend much time on social networks choose selfie from all those engagement photo ideas and feel absolutely OK.

Here, you do not need any professional engagement photography as you do everything yourself. And, you know, some couples manage to take really cute and charming pictures that perfectly catch the spirit of the most important event in their lives.

The technical aspect is probably the only factor one should consider. It is senseless to make selfie with a budget smartphone – poor focus, low definition, pale or too bright colors among other things will spoil your engagement photo shoot for sure. Choose a flagship device from a good manufacturer. Their selfie cameras are not just good enough – some of them are fantastic!

Black & White
This idea for engagement photography looks rather “hand-me-down”, but don’t give up. If you love the combination of black and white colors, there are still plenty of ways to make them look gorgeous.

A good engagement photo shoot depends on several factors: the idea, the skills of a photographer and, of course, the mood of the couple. Even if you think that the idea is not fresh enough the last two things will compensate for it.

Try to find a person who specializes on black & white engagement photo ideas. Don’t hesitate to ask him or her for a test shoot and see if the results meet your expectations. It’s worth paying a little money just to see if this guy is really a master.

Today, it is still possible to make black and white colors look new and attractive. Be creative, be inspired, and everyone will admire your photos!

Of course, it is just impossible to include all engagement photo ideas which are popular today in this list. Otherwise the list would be quite lengthy. But we are sure that the information contained herein will help you find your own unique style for engagement photo shoot and feel special. If you cannot generate your own stunning idea, it is not a reason to feel bad. Finally, it is an absolutely normal and natural thing to look for already existing engagement photography ideas – who knows, maybe one of them will become your inspiration on the way to something new!

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