While typing into the search box something like “wedding photographer los Angeles” or just looking for a good wedding videographer in LA we should keep in mind a very important thing – location is the most important aspect of planning an event! Believe us, even a good wedding photographer Los Angeles with great experience cannot make the ceremony look really cool if you have chosen a wrong venue.

So what are the best venues in Los Angeles? Let’s take a look at different online rankings and find the answer.

Top Classic Places

What is a classic venue from classic wedding ideas? Of course, it is a roomy restaurant or a banquet hall in a decent part of the city. Actually, the majority of such ideas include a restaurant since this solution is both safe and easy for the work of a wedding videographer in LA.

According to various reviews and rankings found online, there are numerous noteworthy restaurants and banquet halls in LA and its surrounding neighborhood. If you are financially buoyant then the Casa del Mar or the Mountain Gait Country Club would be a perfect venue suitable for any ceremony or wedding ideas you may have.

Undoubtedly, each and every wedding videographer in LA is very well acquainted with these places. Furthermore, the photographers and videographers have probably already been there at least a couple of times and it is a great advantage since they know all the pros and cons of those venues.

There are more affordable places for cash-strapped individuals as well. Check out the California Yacht Club, Marrakesh House or Matteo’s Restaurant. The latter looks much more expensive than it actually costs. It would be an amazing choice, especially if you are having a big event with a large number of guests expected – your wedding videographer in LA will have enough space to do the job.

Stop racking your brains and choose the good old classics!

Large capacity venues

What event is called a “large capacity” one? Well, there are different opinions. We would like to clarify that by saying “a large capacity event” we mean a ceremony with more than 400 invited guests (some wedding ideas requite that).

There may be lots of reasons to invite so many people and it makes no sense to ask why. Instead, we will cover wedding ideas for such a large event. So which venue is suitable when you have more than 400 guests?

Sycamore Plaza Center, Almansor Court and Los Serranos Country Club look the most affordable – their offer more or less starts from $30,000. Los Serranos Country Club has only outdoor facilities meaning that weather will be incredibly important on the day of the ceremony. Of course, nicely designed tents are useful as well – many wedding ideas include them.

Torrance Cultural Arts Center is another affordable solution highly appreciated by those who are going to have a really big celebration. Their offer starts from $24,000. The most interesting thing about this place is that it is a historical landmark (perfect for many wedding ideas). Therefore, a skilled wedding photographer from Los Angeles will use this advantage and make high-quality pictures. The same should be said about the video from your wedding videographer in LA.

People who prefer outdoor activities are also recommended to check out the Pickwick Gardens Conference Center. It is a fantastic place which will perfectly suit 500 guests due to its roomy indoor accommodations and incredibly large outdoor territory (there are more than 2.5 acres of beautiful gardens!) appreciated by every wedding photographer in Los Angeles.

Endless number of decorations including fountains, trees, bushes, flowers and other pieces of natural landscape will make the work of a wedding photographer in Los Angeles much more pleasant, fast and easy. Finally, nature is the best background for any photo or video – many wedding ideas are based on it!

The most affordable venues in LA area

Of course, banquet is something no one tries to save on. But what if a couple merely cannot afford a large sum? Well, firstly they should chin up! Luckily, Los Angeles area has a great number of awesome venues with very reasonable pricing and you can make your wedding ideas come true there!

The most important factor is the number of guests. Couples who would like to stay within the planned budget – let’s say, $5,000 – are advised to invite up to 200 guests. Otherwise finding a proper place may be really challenging.

Angels Gate Park is without any doubt a perfect venue for any kind of wedding ideas due to its magnificent location, low price (starting from $550!) and wonderful decorations including Korean Bell of Friendship and lots of other things. Moreover, it offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean!

Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock can be found in many wedding ideas where people look for an inexpensive, but nice place. Center for the Arts can accommodate up to 125 seated guests. Due to its gorgeous architecture, the entire building is an outstanding decoration that any wedding photographer in Los Angeles would highly appreciate.

Eight hours rent costs about $3,500 with the price of each extra hour equal to $150. Looks attractive, doesn’t it? That is why so many couples choose Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock – they may realize all wedding ideas there.

Clark Estate is the best place for a small event with up to 30 guests. Luxury of the indoor accommodation, graceful architecture and nice garden will create the best ambience so important in all wedding ideas!

Actually, Clark Estate could be a place for a bigger party too – if you rent only the outdoor area there may be room for up to 200 guests! Clark Estate pricing is very attractive – they charge about $2,600-2,700 for everything!

In all the venues we have described in this section you have refundable deposits (usually about $500). This means that if your plans suddenly change you can take the prepayment back at any time.

Finally, the positive vibe is the only thing that matters. Ask any wedding videographer in LA and he will agree! The best videos are made on rather inexpensive venues where people can create really great atmosphere!


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