WEDDING photography & videography

Create an Tale of your Journey with wedding photography and videography

Everyone smiles with fondness as they pour through old photographs of days gone by or watch jumpy family videos that are decades old. While most couples, in the past, didn’t have the luxury of wedding photographers and videographers due to the rarity, lack of portability, and expense of equipment, many did their best to try to find someone with a camera to take at least one picture keepsake. We look back on those rare photos and wistfully wish that the technology had existed so we could watch our grandmothers walk down the aisle or see our mothers on their special day. Couples today find that they simply cannot imagine not capturing their day for eternity so they can share moments with friends and family today, as well as in the future.


Talented European photographer with over 9 years of experience in California and worldwide. Expert in photojournalistic style with elements of fashion photography.


Professional wedding photographer with over 5 years of experiance. Second shooter as well as lead photographer whithin our studio. He’s a valuable part of our team for the last 2 yeast.


Award winning and creative cinematographer with over 8 years of experiance in wedding, film, tv and commercial videography. Always on top of his game. With our studio since 2013.


Skilled professional cinematographer with 7 years of experiance in wedding and other aspects of videography. Unique and valuble part of our studio since 2014.

Wedding video and photography can be taken out for anniversaries and other special occasions. They document a fundamental part of who you are as a couple. They capture an important landmark in your journey as partners for life and can be kept as a chapter in the book you’re writing together, side by side. This story can then be looked back on at various points of life, creating an overall narrative and allowing you to not only treasure your own story, but share it with others as the years go by.

You’ll always remember that special day when you and your partner got married, but the details may fade with time. A professional photographer and videographer for weddings will help keep those moments vivid, rich, and filled with the very details you hold dear forever, making them one of the most valuable services you’ll hire on your wedding day.