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Get More Venue Bookings With Our Video Tour Services 

At Shumanev Production, we are experts in all things wedding cinematography. Not only does this include filming weddings for the truly special couples who call upon us to capture their magical day, but it also extends to other aspects of the industry as well. Recently, more and more venues have put their trust in us to create a video tour and interview to show off the property and answer frequently asked questions that generally arise. See our coverage of Malibu Rocky Oaks as an example below.


Benefits of Venue Videography 

Creating a video for your venue is a great way to offer a preliminary introduction to your property when couples inquire. Whether they are out of town and unable to come in for an actual site tour, or they are simply doing initial research and looking for more information before they commit, the video tour interviews we shoot make everyone’s lives easier. Tailor the question and answer session to hit all the key points you would want prospective clients to know – guest accommodations, layouts, helpful do’s and don’ts, parking, contract specifications and more.


Our Competitive Advantage 

Since we know the ins and outs of weddings better than anyone, we are expertly aware of the best angles that show off your property’s primary features. We highlight the venue in a way that really allows the bride and groom to envision their event. From noting the best timelines to capture sweeping views of the grounds in the best sunlight of the day, to adding in footage of real weddings of the estate as applicable, we offer a comprehensive look that would not be provided by just any videography service. In today’s highly visually driven society, it is increasingly important to add videography considerations into your business strategy.

If you are interested in setting up a video tour for your wedding venue or property, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Page. And, if you are a couple seeking information on the best wedding venues in Los Angeles and beyond, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube account to follow along as we tour all of the most in-demand sites for your comparison and research.

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