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After a couple becomes engaged, the initial instinct is to notify family and friends of this exciting new phase in the journey of love. What better way to creatively communicate a new union than with engagement photos that capture not only the love between the two of you, but also the nature of your relationship? Whether you are a couple that craves adventure, enjoys city life or is playful in spirit, our ideas for the best engagement photo shoot locations in Southern California will be true to the two of you, and capture in time an incredibly special time of life. Peruse below our suggestions to discover your unique style.

The Active Adventurers – Malibu Creek State Park 

For the couple that is not daunted by a bit of hiking, Malibu Creek State Park offers unique landscapes for active adventurers to take some of the best engagement photos possible in the Los Angeles area. Note that there will be a $12 entrance fee and brief hiking required when shooting at this location.



MARK9391 DSH_9500 MARK4161


The Fairytale Lovers — El Matador Beach 

For the pair whose love story feels as though they were literally swept off their feet in some sort of fairytale dream, the breathtaking panoramic landscape of El Matador Beach makes a wonderful backdrop for engagement portraits. Whether nestled amidst the rocky cliffs or down in the surf, a sunset shoot at El Matador Beach is sure to provide plenty of variety to choose from.

DSH_2866 IMG_8987 


The Urban Explorers – Culver City 

Street art and unique architecture characterize the streets of Culver City, the perfect location for a couple who considers themselves urban explorers of up-and-coming neighborhoods. Simultaneously hip yet simplistic, this is a place that will no doubt appeal to many.

DSH_6622 MARK3123 MARK3545


The Unique Dramatists – Rain Room at LACMA 

Imagine being caught in a downpour, yet wherever you and your lover step, the rain pauses above you to only flow around you, rather than on you. Such is the unique and dramatic ambiance of the Rain Room at LACMA. For truly breathtaking engagement portraits, this is not a location you will want to pass up. Admission is $15 per person.


The Sophisticatedly Stylish – Greystone Mansion 

Manicured lawns and towering hedges set the stage of the Greystone Mansion, a picaresque location for the sophisticatedly stylish couple. This estate does require a $400 permit, but the investment is well worth it.

DSH_9270 A75A7103 A75A7285


The Sweet and Chic — Westlake Village Inn 

An air of romance and an upscale chic setting are embodied at Westlake Village Inn. With myriad outdoor and indoor settings, there are plenty of sweet and romantic backdrops to frame your love story.

MARK5464 MARK5326 MARK4580


The Romantic Duo – Leo Carrillo Beach

Leo Carrillo Beach is the perfect intimate destination for a romantic couple, particularly when visited at sundown. The gorgeous natural lighting dances off the deep blue ocean for a particularly flattering bright yet soft ambiance that you will not want to miss.

MARK4380 DSH_5051 DSH_2594


The Nature Appreciators – LA Arboretum & Botanic Garden 

A plethora of plants – just about any species you can image – call the LA Arboretum & Botanic Garden home. This location provides the illusion of an exotic escape without venturing too far out of the surrounding Los Angeles area.


The Entertainers – Walt Disney Concert Hall 

Stunning architectural elegance is present at Walt Disney Concert Hall, a destination known for exciting musical and theatrical performances, perfect for a couple who considers an evening of entertainment the perfect date night.

IMG_9537 IMG_9312 IMG_9373


The Whimsical Dreamers — Descanso Gardens 

Get lost in the forest with your love during a dreamy, whimsical engagement session at Descanso Gardens in Los Angeles. The general admission for this location is $9, but a permit is required for photo shoots, which runs $300.

IMG_8580 IMG_8336 IMG_8452


The Spontaneous – Long Beach 

Sometimes, spontaneously popping down to a nearby city makes for a great adventure. If this sounds like your style, the downtown Long Beach area offers much potential in the way of engagement photos. Cruise along the waterfront on an affordable bicycle rental of $20, or splurge on a $150 gondola. With the adorable houses lining the background, the couple is sure to feel like stars in their own feature film.

Alexander Ermakov Alexander Ermakov Alexander Ermakov


The Traditionalists – Pasadena City Hall 

City Hall has a traditional significance in that it is a place where marriage certificates are signed and wedding ceremonies are performed. The Pasadena City Hall is a beautiful indicator of this traditional ritual, with the large fountains and hallways among other notable scenes.


The Classy Traditionalists – Burton W Chace Park 

The whitewashed gazebo top and balcony rails of Burton W Chace Park speak to the classy traditionalists. The environment is upscale and outdoorsy, without being too distracting, allowing for the true dynamic of the couple to shine through in the portraits.

IMG_9514 IMG_9803 IMG_9928


The College Sweethearts – University of Southern California 

Relive the memories of your college days with an engagement photo shoot that takes place on the campus of USC, perfect for the couple that met during college. There are artistic sculptures and lush greenery abound to provide visual interest to this destination.

IMG_9522 IMG_9597 IMG_9650


The City Dwellers – Downtown Los Angeles

For couples with rooftop access to a high-rise in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, a true cityscape environment can be achieved. The City of Angels provides modern scenery to decorate the photographs of the city dwelling couple who calls LA home.

IMG_6271 IMG_6386 IMG_6186


The Modern Mr. & Mrs. – Vista Hermosa Natural Park 

Combine the best of both worlds at Vista Hermosa Natural Park, with city skylines peeking up behind greenery and other outdoor elements. For the modern couple who enjoys the city life as much as the retreat to nature, this is the ideal setting.

IMG_7828 IMG_7942 IMG_7878


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