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Tenderness is the most precious part of every wedding. True, deep love gifts tenderness to all those couples who fall in love with each other. The wedding between Cassandra and Todd was resplendent with the hallmark of tenderness. It was felt by everyone who saw them, both the day of the wedding and the day before. This tenderness was also reinforced by the fact that, before long, a new life filled with new happiness would soon be borne to the beautiful couple.

The hardest challenge in every wedding is that of correctly selecting the wedding photographer and the location. Cassandra and Todd resolved the firs tissue by choosing our wedding photography agency to do the photos. They resolved the second by organizing everything at the Becara Resort, one of the most beautiful places in Santa Barbara. For their wedding, the two picked an unconventional style idea—a beach wedding! I need to acknowledge that this celebrations was one of the most romantic Santa Barbara weddings I have ever been to, and I still remember those unforgettable emotions and impressions.

Because of the wedding theme, the ceremony was held at the spectacular ocean coast—but the key feature of the celebration was tenderness. The guests noticed this simply by watching Cassandra and Todd. As for me, I hadn’t seen such gratitude in a long time. Their romance looked like a wonderful love story, the kind that can only be found in a romance novel. But it does exist in real life, and Cassandra and Todd showed this. The charming atmosphere of tenderness and love, which could be seen shining from the eyes of the two lovers, infused the wedding. They demonstrated one of the most touching examples of pure, bright love toward each other—and their future bundle of joy.

The air coming in from the emotion enhanced the sense of magic and marvels that pervaded everything. This wedding represented the unbelievable beginning of another happy love story. Indeed, by the time this story was written, little Jackson had already been born.

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